Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

The Drowned Gorgon

Okay, so it's not exactly a wretched hive of scum & villainy but it is someplace you'd rather your mother-in-law didn't know you knew about. 

The Eastern Ocean is the largest body of water known & permanent outposts are few & far between. Crossing the Eastern is no mean feat, taking months & ships are regularly lost on even the best-known passages. 

The Drowned Gorgon is either the last piece of civilized rock before oceania incognito, of the first one you see on the other side. It's a sight for sore-eyes either way - and it's not really all that seedy. No one's gone missing from the Gorgon in at least two weeks. 

barry mcwilliams

There are few things more fun than making plans. 

You get to play "choose your own adventure" with your life. You start out all pie-in-the-sky, no budgets or real-life constraints. Pure ideas. Then you whittle them, shape them until you have something that's less amorphous and more tangible - something you can see the steps of, something you can actually start doing. 

And you get distracted. And maybe the first step seems hard. 

But if it's the right plan, and if you planned it with the right person, maybe you figure out how to take that first step. And maybe the next one after that. Then your plan becomes less of a plan, not even a project, it's just what you do. And that's your life. 

Anyway. it all starts with a plan. 

Robot Posters

There are, in fact, no robot posters in this picture. Or even in this home. But there will be, oh yes, there will be. 

barry mcwilliams
Bot and Bird

Fall is coming - coming very slowly to Los Angeles - so I thought I'd help usher it in with a nice autumnal painting of inter-species miscommunication. 

It started out with this sketchbook doodle from a few weeks back. 

'Bot and bird miscommunication seems to be a theme of mine lately. A trend? Maybe so. Maybe there's an idea in here somewhere.  If so, you'll be first to know, mes amis. 


Don't Do Me Any Favors

Seriously. Just don't. 

I picked up this phrase from my lovely girlfriend and when she had a birthday this past weekend, turning it into a poster seemed like a good idea. The actual poster was a simpler, one-color affair. 

I mis-remembered what colors of ink I had at home & I didn't finalize the design until it was a bit too late to burn multiple screens for a two or three-color print. Nevertheless, I think it turned out pretty well. I did some spot coloring on the final to give it some pop.

I'm toying with the idea of re-doing this at a ridiculously huge size with multiple colors.

Stay tuned!

barry mcwilliams
Cloud Question

"So, what do you think's down there 'Bastian?"

"I've never seen this ladder before. And what's 'Incognita'?

I think we should check it out. At least a little bit..."

Adventurebarry mcwilliams
Communication Breakdown

Sometimes it's just so hard to talk to people. Or giant birds. Or robots. Or tiny spacemen. 

I sketched this a couple days, weeks (?), ago and found it while ruffling through my sketchbook. It seemed like a fine candidate for a warm-up painting. 

More soon, mes amis!

Operation Change Styleframes

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on some styleframes for "Operation Change", which has been airing on OWN over the summer. It's a pleasure to work on a show that's actually trying to make the world a better place and not mint some dumb insta-celebrity trying to become famous by being famous. 

I did a couple rounds of design & while only a little bit of my work made it into the final graphics package I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The show shot a ton of phenomenal footage and I tried to use a very light touch, design-wise. 

Small gallery is below, full gallery is over here

barry mcwilliams
Pocket Sketchbook Roundup 02

Welcome back to my world of coffeeshops, watering holes & waiting rooms. This is the follow-up and final post from this sketchbook

Notable locations herein include Intelligentsia Silverlake, the Colorado Wine Co. and Lemon Poppy Kitchen in Glassel Park. My life is not wall-to-wall coffeeshops but I sketch it like it is. 

More soon, mes amis!

Pocket Sketchbook Roundup 01

More sketches from my "daily carry" Moleskine & my trusty brush pen. Dive in for doctor's offices, bars & coffeeshops around Los Angeles. 

Later in the week I'll post another set of pages and once that's up, this sketchbook is done & finished. I've already started the next.

Always be sketching, mes amis!

Beware the Batman

Last year I had the opportunity to work on Warner Bros.' most-recent Batman series, the CG-animated "Beware the Batman". The show was a blast. The work was fun & the people were great.

I started with episode 07 and worked through the end of the season, doing After Effects & design work on the Batmobile screens, Batcomputer, phones, etc. Brett Hardin developed the design language, which I used and iterated upon.

The show was fully 3d, with the animation, rendering & compositing all being done overseas. We worked off of storyboards and playblasts (a low-res Maya render) to figure out timing & placement of all the graphics, then crossed our fingers & waited for the composites to come back. Mostly it worked out great but we had a last-minute re-render now & then. Frankly, considering the time, distance & language barriers separating us & the 3d studios, it worked with nary a hitch. 

As a fan, it was hard not to throw Easter eggs into every shot. We got a couple in there but ultimately the task was to serve the story, not show off that we know who Carmine Infantino was.

The show only ran one season but it was a good one. Check it out if you get the chance. 

barry mcwilliams
More Wrylon Promotional Posters Unearthed

During its heyday, Wrylon Robotical produced hundreds of promotional posters, broadsheets and advertisements. The idea of a flower-delivering - or in these cases seed & plant-delivering - robot was so new & revolutionary that Rhoderick knew an intensive promotional campaign was needed to make the idea palatable. 

The campaigns worked and Wrylon Robotical ruled robot plant delivery for years until its untimely closure. 

These posters were found in an old flat file sold at auction. Their condition is excellent & we're thrilled to be able to share these fine examples of Wrylon's work. 

Stay tuned for more. 

The Mermoz P037

Connecting cities, towns, farming villages and isolated research stations, the Air Service is steadfast in its mission to deliver the post no matter the weather, the distance or danger. Every Airship pilot risks their life daily to do their job and each ship is prized beyond measure. 

The Mermoz P037 is one of the finest and most storied ships to fly for the Air Service. Here's a quick introduction and stay tuned for more to come.

The initial sketch.

Modo for rough modeling & simple lighting. 

And a quick turntable render. I used flat colors on the main masses to make easier Photoshop selections. One day I'll do some actual painting in Modo or ZBrush but right now I really like the Photoshop painting process. 

What's next for the air service? Keep your eyes peeled, mes amis, and more will be revealed.