Whitemoon Dreams

Hi There!

I'm very excited about your concept artist position & think I'd be a great fit for it. 

Below is a sampling of some of my work across a range of genres that hopefully speaks to what you're looking for. What I hope you'll see most clearly is a wide-ranging imagination and the ability to bring it to life in a compelling way. 

Please don't hesitate to be in touch with any questions. Thanks very much. 


Robot Bobbles

A set of iOS stickers all about robots. Because, c'mon, they're robots. Robots are great. Except for when they're evil robots.

Carnet d'Adventure

A current WIP project documenting an adventurer's journey deep into the uncharted reaches of mostly-forgotten land. 

Wrylon Robotical Enterprises

Imagine a world full of flower-delivering robots. 

Allied Air Service

Because old planes are so much cooler than jet fighters. 

Untitled Robot Project

Cool robots. Lame name. Modeled in Modo.

The Adventurers' ABCs

Teaching young adventurers to read since 815.

Mouse in the House

Concept paintings depicting a simpler time, when cats chased rats & no robots threatened our homes. 

Grab Bag

Some things I kind of like, but wasn't sure where they fit. You decide.