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Wrylon Robotical Original 4L-1P_Quad

Wrylon Robotical Original 4L-1P_Quad

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'Bot 1P-4L_Quad, aka "Perry", was a specialty 'bot developed for deliveries in wet, swampy & lowland areas.

Perry's long telescoping neck was inspired by some of the early submarines experiments of the 1910's and was one of the first successful periscope systems built. Perry also featured telescoping legs, allowing him to vary his full standing height from just over 1' to nearly 5'. Deliveries to areas where his strengths made him the best choice were rare but frequent enough to keep Perry in production from mid-1914 until the closing of Wrylon Robotical. For a time, Perry's were well-known through the American Bayou, the Nile Delta and East-Asia. 

Never before featured in any known guides.

Order includes a full set of guides (note that this 'bot is not in any of these guides) and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 7.5"x9".

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