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Wrylon Robotical Original 4L-1FL_Quad

Wrylon Robotical Original 4L-1FL_Quad

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'Bot 4L-1FL_Quad, aka "TinkTink" was a limited-run 'bot, built only during the 1911 production year. Named after the sound of her four feet as she set out on a delivery, "Tink...Tink...Tink...Tink...", she was built for long-necked blooms and for flora with extra soil and fertilizer needs.

Her extended floral support column, extra-capacity internal tanks and directional CO2/O2 venting system made her an engineering marvel but a problematic traveler. Her internal complexity turned out to be too great for the demands of cross-country travel. As cute as she was, TingTing proved too delicate for extended use and recorded her very last delivery in early 1913 before being mothballed. 

First seen in the 1911 Wrylon Robotical Field Guide & Spotters Handbook.

Order includes a full set of guides and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 6"x9".

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