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Wrylon Robotical Original 3P-2L_Biped

Wrylon Robotical Original 3P-2L_Biped

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'Bot 3P-2L_Biped, aka "Trike", was a fast, exceedingly nimble and clever delivery 'bot. Trike was first built to test out a new pathfinding and directional waypoint system developed by Wrylon Robotical's Turing department. Bloom capacity was a secondary consideration after speed - both cognitive & physical.

Soon, Trike was out-performing all previous 'bots in timed cross-country trials. Instead of immediately porting her cognitive engine to other models, Rhoderick had her outfitted for small, short-lived blooms and pressed her into service. She excelled. From mid-1911 through late 1914, more deliveries under 150km were completed by her than any other 'bot.

Even as her pathfinding system was rolled out into the full range, she remained an important 'bot until the closure of Wrylon Robotical. 

First seen in the 1911 Wrylon Robotical Engineer's Handbook.

Order includes a full set of guides and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 6"x9".

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