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Wrylon Robotical Original 2E-1FL_Biped

Wrylon Robotical Original 2E-1FL_Biped


'Bot 2E-1FL_Biped, aka "Goggles", was a highly mobile terrestrial delivery 'bot, first entered into service in 1912 and remaining in production until the closing of Wrylon Robotical.

She was best-suited for short-range urban deliveries and soon became a popular model in several Eastern European capitals. "Goggles" have delivered blooms to royalty and shopkeeper alike and never missed a delivery date in over six years of service. 

First seen in the 1912 Wrylon Robotical Field Guide.

Order includes a full set of guides and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 7.5"x9".


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