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Wrylon Robotical Original 1W-1FL_Wheeled

Wrylon Robotical Original 1W-1FL_Wheeled

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'Bot 1w-1FL_Wheeled, aka "Tugger", was developed for deliveries over harsh terrain including, but not limited to, un-paved rural roads, forest trails & un-tracked tundra.

Tugger was sent places that might be hard to reach via air service, due to meteorological conditions (year-round storms), dense forest canopies or local populations unfamiliar with flying 'bots. Tugger soon found an additional role assisting far-flung botanical expeditions, bringing several previously unknown flora to Western audiences.

Tuggers were never built in large numbers but once in service, they never stopped being used when other 'bots might not fare as easily.  

First seen in the 1912 Wrylon Robotical Field Guide.

Order includes a full set of guides and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 6"x9".

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