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Wrylon Robotical Original 2S-4L_Quad

Wrylon Robotical Original 2S-4L_Quad

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'Bot 2S-4L_Quad, aka "Crick", was a variant of the Perry 'bot, developed for deliveries in wet, swampy & lowland areas.

Wrylon's first venture into telescoping leg & neck bots, "Perry", proved successful enough to justify the development of several variants. Crick, named for the s-bend in his neck, was built with a larger soil & fertilizer compartment, allowing him to make longer deliveries. Cricks have been known to function, nearly fully submerged, for weeks at a time as they picked their way through previously un-charted bogs or paddies on their way to make their delivery.

Waterproofing became an issue on deliveries over three months in length but no Crick ever lost a bloom to excess moisture contamination. Cricks were rare but always in service from 1915 until the end of Wrylon Robotical.  

Never before featured in any known guides.

Order includes a full set of guides (note that this 'bot is not in any of these guides) and the original sketch.

Sketch measures 5"x7", paper measures 7.5"x9".

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