Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 


My handy pocket sketchbook hasn't been abandoned. I've just stopped posting the sketches. Here's a small round-up of waiting rooms, restaurants and coffeeshops and some statistics found via 15 seconds of googling. There's a bit of a theme here, but I'm not trying to lecture anyone. It's just the stuff I see when I'm out. And I'm just as guilty of it as anyone. 

More soon, mes amis. 

E is for Eye of Vecna

The world is full of evil artifacts and ancient, cursed items. It's irresponsible parenting to send one's budding adventurers into this world without some practical knowledge. 

Read up, would-be heroes, and come back from your travels alive. 

D is for Dagger

Welcome to the Underdark, young adventurer. It's a treacherous place, full of dark elves, Beholders, Ilithids, and many, many more nasties. 

What's an Ilithid, you ask? You're too young. For now, here's one of the deadliest of weapons and a treasure you'll rarely see above ground. 

And never, ever venture into any caves alone. 

C is for Crown of Horns

Gather 'round young adventurers and learn about the perils of adventure - and the fun of reading!

Once you've learned all of your ABC's - and let's not even worry about the Elvish alphabet yet - you can return to sword practice, and lock-picking, and dragon taming.

More to come...23 more, unless we do move onto Elvish next...

B is for Bag of Holding

Every budding adventurer - whether they're learning their ABC's or not - learns about the fabled Bag of Holding. Able to hold much, much more than meets the eye, it's a plunderer's dream come true - just don't try to hide inside it. Inter-dimensional spaces are very, very tricksy. 

Cerenerian Sea Diner

"A Safe Haven in a Serpent-Riddled Sea."

The mostly uncharted Cerenerian Sea contains few safe harbors or places of relative calm but the Cenererian Sea Diner is one.

Run by a retired clipper captain & her husband, it's a regular stop on many a trader's route & a crossroads for stories, news and gossip from all four inhabited continents. 

The Drowned Gorgon

Okay, so it's not exactly a wretched hive of scum & villainy but it is someplace you'd rather your mother-in-law didn't know you knew about. 

The Eastern Ocean is the largest body of water known & permanent outposts are few & far between. Crossing the Eastern is no mean feat, taking months & ships are regularly lost on even the best-known passages. 

The Drowned Gorgon is either the last piece of civilized rock before oceania incognito, of the first one you see on the other side. It's a sight for sore-eyes either way - and it's not really all that seedy. No one's gone missing from the Gorgon in at least two weeks. 

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