Like everyone else, I don't update it enough. 

Robot Crime

I was going through my sketchbooks the other day, scanning them because I'm a bit of a digital packrat, and found a bunch of robot sketches that seemed to hang together.

So I threaded a little notion of a story through them. 

I kinda like it. 


Sketching San Francisco

A couple weekends ago my wife & I went to San Francisco for an event. I had a day free so I spent it rambling around the city, doing a bit of sketching. 

Poke & Sketchbooks

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Hawaii with my girlfriend & her family last week & it was great. 

I think we ate poke 6 out of the 8 days we were there.

I also got some sketching done. Click 'em to make 'em bigger.

Cheers, my friends and I'll be back posting soon. 

Son, I Eat Designers Like You For Breakfast

Welcome to last of my wallpapers - for now. This has been fun and I hope some of you downloaded them and are rocking them on your personal information and smart phones at this very moment. 

All five of them are here, if you'd like to easily see/download the set. 

Check back on Monday for the kick-off post of a new personal project. It's already live over on Medium here. I'd meant to post it simultaneously both places but it's getting late on a Friday. 

Cheers, my friends and keep rocking like hurricanes. 

I Never Learned Java Script.

It's true. I never did. 

I never learned much about the web. In fact, I remember thinking - all the way back in 1996 - that I was too late to the party & needn't bother learning how to design for the web. I'd missed the bus. 

I'm really smart like that (and to be honest, I'm very happy not being a web designer).

But I did learn how to make wallpapers, like this one!

Last one goes up tomorrow, to complete the set of five. 

Cheers, mes amis. 

Buddy, Get To Work

I have five posts queued up for this week, five guys & gals who may give you that little burst of motivation you need to get your work done.

I've been looking at a lot of Walker Evans photographs recently, which may be obvious if you know his work & follow me on Instagram. He had an amazing talent of capturing people in loose, off-the-cuff moments that feel a little bit like sketches in their informality. 

These are all sized to work as iPhone 6 & 6+ wallpapers, though I've only tested them on a 6. I think they look great. Feel free to share this post & download & use the wallpapers to your hearts' content. 

Cheers, mes amis.