Get To Know Me

Concept is king.

Storytelling is the point.


All the execution in the world

can't save a crappy idea. 


 Kicking ass at riding bikes. Or something.

Kicking ass at riding bikes. Or something.


Barry McWilliams

I've got a couple art history degrees, back from when I knew I wanted to make things, but didn't know what I wanted to make. Turns out I wanted to make all kinds of stuff but didn't know I could choose "Everything".

In the years since I've worked on a lot of TV shows & network packages. I've designed feature film main titles & graphics. I've made cartoons, drawn live-action storyboards, designed logos, self-published a couple books of robot drawings and a few other things. 

Somehow I also find time to ride bikes and make damn good coffee.

Ich wohne in Berlin.




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